July 17, 2011

Make Your Own Scarf

One thing I find difficult is finding clothing in my colors. I am an autumn, so I don't wear black very well at all. Brown is my black. I also don't wear the colors that I would normally find in every store in Christchurch at the moment: white, purple, red and black (bleck!). My colors are bright greens, rust, oranges and peacock blue among other colors. It's is surprisingly difficult to find clothes in these colors, especially in winter.

One of the things I've been on the lookout for is a scarf with some of those vivid colors in it, that I can use with some of my neutral pieces; to add color and tie everything together. Again, really hard finding anything in my palette. I keep looking and find nothing I like.

I was at the fabric store the other day and found this lovely, silky fabric in orange, dark brown, cream, green and dashes of other colors I love. I bought a 1/2 meter for $20, trimmed it down to a scarf-sized rectangle and spent the evening doing a hand-sewn rolled hem on it.

Today, I have a beautiful scarf that cost me $20 and took one evening to make. It looks incredible against my skin and with most things in my wardrobe.

Tip on getting the scarf perfectly square and on the grain:
Cut a notch in the edge and rip the fabric...it will rip right on the grain. The raw edges will be sewn under with the rolled hem.

I used this tutorial on YouTube to learn the rolled hem. I didn't have to use starch...I just folded the edge down as I went, no problem.

Hand-sewn rolled hem. Probably needs a quick hit with an iron

July 03, 2011

Knitting for Christchurch Kids

I've recently joined a great group of knitters close to my house who are knitting warm things for kids in Christchurch. Everyone has been traumatized by our recent spat of earthquakes, but none more than the kids. There are many people who have struggled to keep warm during this very chilly wintertime. Many houses have big cracks in the walls or broken windows that let the cold creep in. And there have been power outages from time to time as well.

A woman in nearby New Brighton, Jenny Lineham, started this knitting group and it has grown (see this article). I saw her story featured on the 6 o'clock news, did some Google'ing and was able to contact her. I've been going to the knitting group every week for a month or so now and making some new friends.

We started by knitting warm beanies for the kids. The ladies would collect the beanies, sort them by size, then take them to the schools, where the kids would pick out their very own beanie. The kids love it! There are beanies coming in from all over New Zealand. Donated yarn is also pouring in.

We have completed the beanie project after giving beanies to almost all the kids in Christchurch! Now we are knitting cozy slippers, for kids and some older folks too.

Here's a couple I knit up (they go fast!) and I thought it appropriate to place them by the crack in our driveway that is a result of the quakes.

Cozy Feet for Antz

My husband got this cozy pair of 'dorm socks' for his birthday. I invented these socks when I was in Antarctica and wanted a warm pair of socks to walk around the dorm without having to put shoes on. I used Lion's Brand Chunky yarn, then sewed a piece of fleece on the bottom in the shape of my foot. I loved them and wear them so much, I figured Antz needed a pair too. They are wonderful for wearing over another pair of regular socks...protects the socks and keeps the feet nice and toasty.

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