May 21, 2012

After a trip to the yarn store (I managed to get away for under $100), here is the pile of yarn that it destined to be an afghan.

Everything is 100% wool, but washable wool, so it can be thrown in the washing machine. And most of it was around $4 - $5 a skein. Cheap as, mate.

It will be colorful for sure (understatement). So you may be wondering about that ball of hot pink. It doesn't really look like it belongs, does it? But I am excited about the idea of being adventurous with color and wouldn't a splash of hot pink be just the most unexpected and wonderful thing? The jury is still on the fence on this one, but I can almost see it in my mind's eye?

What do you think?

Here's a couple of initial blocks:

I really like the idea of circles. But I also like the more traditional granny square as shown on the lower photo -- far left and far right. I may combine all of them together. Why not?

May 20, 2012

Ambitious Project Commenced

This could be the start of something beautiful.

Okay, I've gotten into a sudden and unexpected crochet kick. I'm not sure what has come over me. Perhaps it's a temporary condition that will come and go? But I have a vision for a crocheted granny square afghan in blues, aquas, mint, grass green, brown, taupe, grey, periwinkle, olive and perhaps a nice greeny-yellow. I think the color scheme needs a splash or two of bright, unexpected color though. I have a bunch of washable wool in my stash that I don't usually use for my other projects, so I'm going to use all that up and make something useful. I'm going to decrease my ever-growing stash!

But wait. Oh no. I weighed a completed granny square on the digital scale and then I counted how many squares I need to make the afghan. And appears a trip to the yarn store is in order. I have less than half the amount of yarn I need. So much for using up yarn in my stash!

Here is a very inspiring book I picked up last week, 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans, by Jan Eaton. I think this book may be responsible for this latest affliction.

This is truly a fun, engaging exercise in color and pattern. Love it!

May 11, 2012

The Intersection of Math and Crochet

This TED Talk will fascinate you (click here). These coral reef forms were made by modeling hyperbolic space with yarn and crochet. Take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this. I was inspired!


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May 10, 2012

Handmade cards for Mom's Day

Here are two Mother's Day cards I had fun making on this overcast Christchurch day! The basketweave stamp is a traditional Maori design and the Paua (say 'pow-ah') shell is a favorite symbol of New Zealand. I colored the Paua shell with Copic markers. The paper is a little more purple than what the photo shows. I glued tiny crystals on both for a little sparkle.

What a mess I made dragging all my papercrafting stuff out into the dining room today. I'll look forward to someday having my own big creative space. 

I guess I'd better get these in the mail!