June 29, 2012

June Catch-up

Lots happening this month! I've got a bunch of things I've been working on, but I seem to be a little bit scattered project-wise. I've started a bunch of things, finished a few, but not all.

Antarctic Doorstops

I just finished this little guy yesterday. He's so cute and does a great job as a doorstop! In case you're wondering, he's an Adelie penguin. 

I also made this 'Scott Tent' doorstop the other day, out of actual Scott Tent fabric that I got when I was in Antarctica (left over from retired tents). These tents were used 100 years ago in the Antarctic and are still used today. See this photo.


Color-copia Crochet Afghan

 This is proceeding slowly. One thing that surprised me is that I really prefer knitting over crochet. I didn't think that would happen; I mean, they're basically the same kind of thing right? But I found I was really missing knitting after going round and round with granny squares for a while. But I'm still excited about this project and will be so happy to finally have it done sometime. It's SO colorful and it makes me happy just looking at it. My husband, Antz calls these little squares, 'Crochet Cookies.'

Heart Slipper (yes, slipper, not slippers)

I found this pattern, 'One Skein Sweetheart Slippers,' that uses 1 skein of heavy worsted yarn and it just so happened I had some Brown Sheep washable heavy worsted in my possession. I don't usually use that yarn weight, so I don't have a lot in my stash, but this pattern seemed to fit the bill. I'm on the constant search for the perfect slipper pattern; an ideal marriage of fit, comfort, style and warmth, but I'm afraid this pattern doesn't quite do it for me. I like the style -- the color is not so great, but that's not the pattern's fault -- but the fit is not quite right. I made the middle size, which supposedly fits women's 8 to 11 (quite a range). I have a 8.5 foot I found this to be a little big. And the heel and sides are not very 'deep' so the slipper seems to want to slip off. This would be greatly improved by wearing it over thick socks I imagine, which is appropriate for a New Zealand winter anyway. Going down a needle size may help as well. 

I only made one of these slippers. I haven't made the other one. Not sure I will. But chances are I'll start to feel guilty about not finishing this and make the other one. Super fast knit anyway.

Rosebud Lace Scarf

Then I fell in love with this project from Ravelry (click here for pattern)

I've been wanting to do a lace project for so long. And I have this wonderful ball of dusty-pinky-lavender acrylic mohair in the stash that my husband's Mum gave me. Yes, it's acrylic and I don't usually like knitting with non-natural fibers, but it really is quite pretty, and light and fluffy and subtly sparkly and I'm enjoying it. So much fun with all the yarn overs, k2tog's, but I find I'm not so fond of purling two together through the back loops. I suffer through those. It's aptly named because down the center are these lovely rosebud shapes with leaves on either side. Gorgeous! Not my color exactly, so it will be a gift at some point.

June 01, 2012

Cornucopia of Color!

Grabbing the crochet hook between the day's normal activities, plus while spending a great deal of time watching the new Sci-fi series, Stargate Universe, I've managed to complete all the large blocks for the afghan and some of the small blocks. 

For whatever reason, I'm having trouble nailing down the pattern for the small blocks, as I am going without a pattern for those (off-road crocheting) and I think I may have finally come up with a few versions that I really like.

I was starting to feel a little insecure about the cornucopia of colors I've chosen for this project (I LOVE all the colors, just wondering if they all should be playing in the sandbox all at the same time?), but now that I have arranged a few in the final pattern, I'm starting to like it more. 

I mean, this is meant to be a COLORFUL afghan and it sure lives up to that!

Lookie all the colors!

The hot pink sure is unexpected, but I'm bound and determined to leave it in there, against my normal judgement. I am, after all, working on being more adventurous with color. I'm not sure of the color I will use to put them all together. Maybe an off-white for maximum contrast? Pink? (oh no! she's really lost it now!); I'll have to think about that one a bit more.

Here is the sketch I made of the afghan in my notebook:

It's an unusual pattern, one I made up myself (I find it extremely challenging to stick to any pattern as written).