April 06, 2008

Color Crack

I found some websites today that are like crack to a color-lover like me. Or colour-lover if you're from New Zealand or the UK or whatnot.

First one...the most fun is www.colourlovers.com. You can create your own favorite colors, palettes and patterns, name them and search through thousands of other people's color creations. You can even upload photos of your color inspiration. What fun. I am username 'isitgreen' and if you do a search for 'Rotorua,' my first color palette comes up. I need someone to write me a 'love note' on that website so I can get little red hearts next to my entry ;) hint, hint.

A groovy wave pattern made from 'Rotorua.' That line that looks black is actually a dark chocolate brown...leaning towards the greyish side. And that yellow...has just the slightest tinge of green.

More fun sites:

Try this Random Stripe Generator for knitters. You choose the colors, select the different row widths you want (no limit) and click the generate button. To get another random stripe, keep clicking the refresh button until you get one you want. It even gives you the pattern in text!


And the Color Scheme Generator. Keep playing with it...you figure it out pretty fast.

These are some great tools for getting color inspiration!

Have fun!

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