April 11, 2008

Second Batch O Beads

Here's a few of the beads I recently made this week. This is called a 'jellyfish' design. I guess I can see why. It is made by wrapping a black molten bead in a thin sheet of sterling silver, then burning off the silver in the torch. The spots are made by a combination of silver and ivory glass.

These next beads I'm quite proud of because it shows how much more accurate I am getting at placing the dots (especially the black & white bead).

I tried my hand at a tiger bead. Lovely!

Actually, done a little better, the bead should actually look like it has tiger stripes.

A few more...

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Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

stacie said...

beautiful beads! what are you going to do with them? also, you misspelled (sp?) www.etsy.com on your link. I'm on the reminder list to get your blogs, but sometimes I get impatient and look ahead to see if you have posted anything new!