April 05, 2008

The Latest Scrapbook Pages

These are the last three scrapbooking pages I have finished on the wedding album. I think I'm getting a little better at it! Like anything, the more you do it, the better you get. This vows page I just finished today.

Those cards are the actual cards Anthony and I held at the wedding.

It's been fun reminiscing on that special day as I'm going along. And it's so rewarding to be putting the photos in a beautiful format that Anthony and I can enjoy for the rest of our lives.

In each class, we go over a different aspect of scrapbooking. In this class we used ribbon to wrap a shape...in this case, a heart.

Now, what you might find interesting is that each of these pages are a really different color scheme from one another. Why, you might ask, don't you just make everything all the same color if it's all the same book?

Well, this is the fascinating part of scrapbooking. The first thing you do -- and the secret to harmonious-looking layouts -- is choosing paper colors that are found in the photos you are using for that page.

Orange and blue? Might be an unusual choice for a wedding theme, but I think it looks pretty nice in this layout. If you look at the photos, I am wearing an orange top and almost everyone is wearing blue jeans in various shades. So it works.

I've written a few words on each page...reflections and remembrances from the day.

The things I like about the toast layout is that the pattern of the paper in the center circle seems to echo the shape of the twinkle lights in the photo. And the brown dots in the upper right seems to denote bubbles...like in champagne! Each line of text makes up the toast that the station manager, Eric Hobday, gave us.

I guess the fire of our love is pretty hot, because B-15 melted! (B-15 is that big honkin' piece of ice the size of Jamaica that broke off the ice shelf in Antarctica a few years back).

Okay, one more. This is the finished Wedding Quilt page.

I this one, I made letters and hearts from fabric to kind of go with the quilt idea.

And in other news...

I finished another granny square hat.

I am loving the little braid around the crown. I'm trying to decide if it needs a tassle on top.

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